A new job is always exciting, that’s why we do everything we can to make your onboarding process a success!

Your first day

We’ll make sure everything’s set up for your first day. From your laptop and smartphone (with all essential Pulse events already planned in your calendar) to a welcome package and training materials. We’ll also provide a delicious lunch on your first day.

Your first week

In the first week, you’ll get to know your colleagues, who’ll have already read about your arrival and will be eager to welcome you to the team. You’ll receive practical information about Pulse and our way of working, and you’ll discuss with your supervisor which (internal) training courses you’re going to enroll in.

Your first month

We’ll plan several meetings to monitor your progress: after one week, three weeks, 100 days, five months and of course after one year. To make the most out of these, you’ll gather feedback from colleagues and clients. This will help you – and us – ensure the onboarding process is a success. Before you know it, you’ll be a fully-fledged Pulser with a world of opportunities at your fingertips.

Control your future

Anything is possible at Pulse, as long as you show initiative. Winners have a plan; losers have an excuse. What we recommend to our customers also applies to our people: be proactive and build your own future. That’s why everyone at Pulse gets plenty of room to learn and experiment.

We regularly organize webinars and (internal) training courses to exchange knowledge and expertise. These initiatives typically focus on our project approach, Microsoft tooling and certification, or the development of soft skills. Besides that, there’s always the chance to attend external courses.

Want to work at Pulse?

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