Vormenfabriek selects Pulse and Microsoft Dynamics AX

Greater control over the entire process within one environment.

BV Vormenfabriek Tilburg, developer and manufacturer of high-quality polycarbonate moulds, thermoformed and silicone rubber moulds for the chocolate and confectionery industry, has selected Pulse’s industry solution for plastic processing companies. After a thorough selection process, they concluded that Microsoft Dynamics AX, in combination with Pulse, would resolve the current bottlenecks and issues, without any form of customisation.

Selection process approach Vormenfabriek was of the opinion that the current solution no longer fulfilled the company’s need in terms of logistics and production processes. For that reason, it started to look into a standard ERP solution that would resolve the bottlenecks being experienced by the organisation. Bottlenecks were occurring in production, planning and the logistics flow through the factory, ‘islands automation’ and materials management. Why was Microsoft Dynamics AX selected? Rolf Goossens, Deputy Director of Vormenfabriek, is clear: “Mainly because logistics is linked to production. The solution that we have chosen offers the required integrated graphical planning functionality which is provided as standard, there is therefore no customisation.” At the same time, Vormenfabriek believes it is an advantage that all business processes are integrated within one environment. And Pulse? Implementation of ERP software relies on the human touch. “We have an excellent relationship with the people at Pulse. They are specialists who are prepared for all eventualities, who speak the language of a manufacturing company”, says Goossens. The AXtension solutions also played a role in Pulse being chosen. Standard add-ons that fit in seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics AX, that enhance the functionality. What are the intended aims? Work is currently often duplicated at Vormenfabriek, Goossens notes: “Lists are kept by various departments and one department isn’t aware of another department’s list.” One of the aims is therefore to eliminate the ‘islands automation’ and to remedy the duplicated registration and administration. The automatic graphical planning boards also give Vormenfabriek a visual overview of its manufacturing processes, enabling a reduction in the lead times. “And”, Goossens adds, “this will then automate our workflow. This will enable us to work more efficiently.” Another important goal is to replace the document management system Automanager Workflow with Microsoft Dynamics AX, which should reduce the number of external packages being used. Vormenfabriek expects it will go live this autumn.


Hiljon te Boome at Pulse, welcomes the decision made by Vormenfabriek: “It is good to know that, on the one hand, Vormenfabriek has chosen for the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX and, on the other hand, for the added value of Pulse with its industry knowledge and industry-specific solutions. We are confident that the implementation project will be successful. About BV Vormenfabriek Tilburg BV Vormenfabriek Tilburg, located in Tilburg, specialises in the development, production and worldwide sales of high-quality polycarbonate moulds, thermoformed and silicone moulds for the chocolate and the confectionery industry. With the help of a global network of agents, the company guarantees rapid service, flexibility, quality and know-how. BV Vormenfabriek Tilburg uses the latest manufacturing technologies and partly because of the high-tech machinery it uses, has a leading position in the market. BV Vormenfabriek Tilburg prioritises sustained investment in skills and technology in order to maintain this position and is therefore the perfect partner for market-driven companies. Further information about BV Vormenfabriek Tilburg can be found at www.Vormenfabriek.com/.