Veld Koeltechniek chooses Pulse again

Microsoft Dynamics AX considered to be the right choice for the future

In 2003 Veld Koeltechniek, the Groenlo-based specialist in refrigeration and freezing equipment, commissioned Pulse to replace the outdated ERP software package with Microsoft Axapta (predecessor of Microsoft Dynamics AX). Following successful implementation, Veld went live in early 2004.

In recent years, Veld has evolved considerably as a company and both its activities and scope have expanded. Microsoft Dynamics AX has supported these developments nicely. 2009 was a year in which Veld gave thought to its strategic plan, looking five years ahead at the anticipated course. Derived from the new business plans, a new information requirement was drawn up, as a result of which ERP was reconsidered. Microsoft Dynamics AX was compared to specific niche packages and SAP. When performing this comparison, Veld focussed on the future, in other words, an ERP solution with which the company can make headway for the aforementioned five-year period. Following an intensive process, during which the added value of Pulse’s industry knowledge and Microsoft Dynamics AX was demonstrated, Veld once again selected Pulse and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. This confirmed the confidence that Veld has in industry specialist Pulse. Marco Klein Falckenborg, Business Controller at Veld Koeltechniek, says that he has a lot of confidence in a new future with Pulse and Microsoft Dynamics AX: “For the past six years, we have enjoyed a fruitful partnership. With the same cooperation and the opportunities presented by the new Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 solution, we have a platform with which we can continue the required optimisation of our business processes in an effective manner. Because of this, we are able to increase the quality of our services to our customers further still.” The purpose of the migration to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, one of the benefits of which is direct optimisation of the service management, is further streamlining of the changed business processes and the realisation of logistical quick-wins. At the same time, a new foundation will be laid, by means of which it will be possible to support the planned business developments in future years.


Hiljon te Boome at Pulse Business Solutions is pleased about the confidence that Veld Koeltechniek has in Pulse: “Veld Koeltechniek is a great innovative and a growing company which is great to work with. Both parties work as true partners, to ensure that Microsoft Dynamics AX actually performs for Veld. We look forward to continuing this fruitful cooperation.” About Veld Koeltechniek  Veld Koeltechniek B.V. is a leading nationwide organisation in refrigeration and freezing equipment. The company’s associates include wholesalers, supermarkets and cold storage and frozen storage facilities and slaughterhouses. Veld imports exclusively refrigerated cabinets and freezer units by Arneg, Afinox, Oscartielle, Brema, Elcold, Framec and Celltherm cells which can be taken apart. Considerable attention is paid to environmental and energy aspects. With 150 employees who are committed to perfection and innovation, Veld offers advice at individual business level. This customer-focussed approach has resulted in Veld gaining an excellent reputation. More information about Veld Koeltechniek can be found at