The Terberg Group chooses Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 as company-wide platform

Microsoft Dynamics AX from Pulse forms the platform for further international growth

A system dating from the 1980s, the group-wide need for operational continuity and the need to support the further international growth were the reasons for the Terberg Group to conduct a thorough ERP selection process. According to Marco de Hair, Project Manager ICT at the Terberg Group, the benefits lay in improved logistical performance through improved planning functionality, “specifically with regard to capacity planning.” The Terberg Group ultimately selected Microsoft Dynamics AX from Pulse.

LIST replacement What were the aims that the Terberg Group started with? “A number of aspects are essential”, says De Hair, “we are looking for continuity and manageability of our ICT. In other words, to guarantee the availability and integrity of our system and be able to manage the interfaces and links between applications. As a result of this we expect to be able to anticipate the demanding international environment more quickly and be able to focus more on our clients. We also have in mind an efficiency improvement by gaining better insight into our logistic and administrative processes.” Before the Terberg Group could actually achieve these benefits it considered that an ERP selection process was necessary first. Since the end of the 1980s the Terberg Group has been using the LIST ERP system, which it had developed itself. Marco de Hair: “The current LIST has technical limitations as a result of which further growth is finite. In addition, the program platform is out of date, which makes writing new functionality a time-consuming chore. The vulnerability and risk regarding continuity were the most important reasons for the Terberg Group to orientate on a new integrated business information system to replace LIST.” Approach route The Terberg Group approached the selection process in stages. “When drawing up the blueprint we paid a great deal of attention to the required optimisation and to our future plans, whilst at the same time defining a number of specific requirements. The result was that the list of potential solutions shrank very quickly”, says De Hair. The Terberg Group then prepared the business case and sent this to the potential suppliers, who in turn gave a presentation based on this. Ultimately, the Terberg Group wanted to proceed with a limited number of prospective suppliers. De Hair: “The shortlist consisted of three packages and we invited these parties to provide more detailed information, and not just functional information. We specifically wanted to see their packages in operation as well, and so we went on familiarisation visits to see how the prospective suppliers had performed projects at other companies. It was on the basis of these that we made our selection in principle.” The Terberg Group’s selection in principle was made on the basis of two groups of criteria. “Firstly, user-friendliness, development capabilities, fitness for the future and total cost of ownership were of essential importance for the application. We looked at the specific experience and quality of the supplier’s consultants and the company’s level of know-how and focus”, says De Hair. The outcome of this for the Terberg Group was a Proof of concept. De Hair: “On the basis of the detailed business case, Pulse had to demonstrate that the solution not only met the requirements but indeed was the best selection for the Terberg Group. That had the required end result.” Choices “The Terberg Group is convinced, in terms of flexibility and the available functionality in the worldwide ISV community that more than any other standard ERP package the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform is a better match for the requirements set by the Terberg Group for the solution. We ultimately chose Pulse as our implementation partner because it was able to demonstrate a no-nonsense approach, sector knowledge and transparency in the way it works, and we had good rapport with the Pulse staff”, adds De Hair.


Entrepreneurship, client focus and flexibility What does the Terberg Group expect to achieve by replacing LIST with Microsoft Dynamics AX? “Based on our mission and our aims, we expect to guarantee the continuity of our operations. We also expect to be able to support the core elements of our strategy, including further international growth, partnerships and business networks. Microsoft Dynamics AX will allow us to focus on what is really essential for the business, for example the key technologies combined with the demanding environment in which we operate. Finally, we expect to be able to better utilise our core values including entrepreneurship, client focus and flexibility”, concludes De Hair. About The Terberg Group Terberg has been in business since 1869. Originally founded as a forge in Benschop, the company has since grown to become a company with 22 subsidiaries, more than 1,200 employees and has branches in several European countries. A multi-faceted company, with subsidiaries that work exclusively in the automotive sector. The activities range from leasing and selling private cars to manufacturing special trucks. For further information about the Terberg Group, visit