Spirotech chooses Pulse

Microsoft Dynamics AX to support growth target

Following a thorough selection process, Spirotech, the number one specialist in the field of dirt and air separators for closed systems has chosen Pulse to support its proposed growth targets. Microsoft Dynamics AX is used to achieve the necessary far-reaching integration of sales, operations, finance and service, which will increase the organisation’s effectiveness.

Spirotech develops and produces innovative total solutions for dirt and air separators in HVAC and process installations. The old IT situation could best be described as island automation with extensive use of Access/Excel and the lack of integration between ERP, CRM and PDM. Because of these ‘detours’, modifications and personal working methods in the system, data was not reliable. To effect a company-wide improvement, under the guidance of IPL Advies, Spirotech started the selection process which resulted in Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R3 being chosen. Cees de Bont, Chief Operations Office at Spirotech, said: “one of the main reasons is to be able to provide our global customers with an even better service, for short lines of communication and to supply the right products, on time. And also to ensure that, internally, we are all talking about the same thing, from quotation right through to delivery to our customers. In addition, for the internal organisation, it is important that the entire process from order, scheduling, procurement through to manufacture and the financial settlement, forms a manageable chain, in which any anomalies can also immediately be seen. We are convinced that, partly because of the careful preparations, the selection process, the demonstrations and various workshops, we have made the right choice and that Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R3, in combination with Pulse and IPL will provide us with a platform which enables us to see clearly visible improvements and results during the forthcoming years. DoublingIn 2014, Spirotech drew up a plan with an ambitious growth target. The ERP system that was selected will support this target. As well as the functional rapport, there is also a cultural rapport between Spirotech and Pulse. Cees de Bont confirms this. “The functional aspects are, of course, important but more important still are the people that have to do this together. Especially during a long, intense and challenging process, during which the required changes have to be implemented. Introduction of a new ERP package is a very serious matter. We will sometimes be faced by difficult decisions and especially at times like that you need a pragmatic partner in order to be able to reach a solution together. In recent months, we have experienced that whilst working with the people from Pulse. There is clearly a rapport and together we will definitely successfully complete this project within schedule.”


About Spirotech Spirotech is the number one specialist in the field of dirt and air separators for closed systems. We value quality, innovation and service, as they have allowed us to grow. Spirotech is the right place for top-quality products and bespoke advice. Our total solutions are not limited to fittings and accessories manufacture. Spirotech also offers knowledge and information. Whether your project concerns a single-family house, a major non-residential structure or an industrial process, Spirotech helps its customers to significantly improve performance. Worldwide operations Our main office and production facilities are located in Helmond (NL). We have our own sales offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, India and China. The North American and Canadian markets are served by our sister company Spirotherm Inc. in Chicago. In addition to this, Spirotech is represented by an extensive network of selected importers in over 65 countries.