Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

It’s the dream of many a (manufacturing) company: one fully integrated system for the entire supply chain; from production to sales to consumers. Which would make many makeshift interfaces redundant, e.g. between production sites and different shopping systems. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (formerly Dynamics AX) makes this possible.

Supply Chain Management is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and integrates seamlessly with other modules for finance, field service, sales and marketing. It helps you automate and streamline your supply chain. Improve fulfilment, sourcing and logistics with advanced warehouse and inventory management, harnessing the power of AI, IoT and machine learning.

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Integrated supply chain

There are so many dependencies in the chain that a problem in purchasing directly affects your production and final delivery. Dynamics 365 helps you predict demand so you can purchase smartly. In addition, all logistics processes, order processing and inventory management are automated and you can link suppliers to the platform. Your planning becomes more accurate, product quality is guaranteed, the supply chain is more sustainable and customers get their products on time.

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Is it your ambition to grow? Previously, you had to plan this carefully so that you would invest in sufficient server capacity on time. The cloud is much more flexible: you can scale up as well as reduce storage, capacity and computing power as needed. This makes it easy to absorb peak loads, but also save costs when you use certain cloud services less. Plus, you have instant access to the latest technologies, so you can innovate quickly, respond to market developments and stay ahead of the competition.

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Previously, corporate networks ran in-house and on physical servers. The cloud makes infrastructural, platform and software services accessible over the Internet. Microsoft is investing heavily in the physical security of their data centres, and a team of 3,500 cybersecurity experts will keep your business data safe and accessible

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Chances are that Dynamics 365 will be your last (big) ERP/CRM project. Why? Due to its completeness, you stay within the system and thanks to the fact that you work in the cloud (Microsoft Azure), you always have the current version. No more difficult migrations, re-deployment, or upgrades.

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Foundation for your growth

The management and continuous optimization of your financial, logistics and industrial processes requires good business software. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a complete cloud toolbox for ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence. This enables you to optimize production, planning and operation, save costs by automating and better meet customer demand. In addition, it allows you to unlock and mobilize data for better, data-driven decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a combination of Dynamics AX and CRM, amongst others, which were previously offered separately. It’s a total cloud solution that grows along with your business and needs. You can start with just what you need and scale up or down in capacity and applications at any time. By default, the platform already offers virtually everything you need, and Pulse continuously expands the basic features with industry-specific apps.