Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

The world is transparent, customers are becoming more empowered and their expectations are getting higher. Satisfied customers are your best ambassadors, but if they are dissatisfied, they can also harm your business. More than ever, it is important to be close to the customer and give them personal attention. At Pulse, we realize that this is more complex than ever, especially as the available data and the number of contact moments increases.

To help you get a grip on marketing, sales and (field) service processes and to make meaningful improvements, we employ modern software such as Customer Engagement. The goal: to make relevant customer information available anywhere, anytime. This not only makes (co)operations more efficient, but also allows you to respond more proactively to customer questions, sales opportunities and market developments.

All in one

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The one tool that makes your data available everywhere and at the right time and makes it work for you.

You may feel that your current systems are working just fine and there is no need to ‘disrupt your business’. Even so, Customer Engagement is worth considering. Firstly, because it centralizes and unlocks all your (customer) data for your employees. This gives them a better understanding of marketing, customers, sales and service processes, thus enabling them to work more efficiently and respond directly to customer demands, sales opportunities and market developments.

Let technology work for you to keep customers happy and build new relationships.

All CE modules use the Common Data Model to sync and exchange data with other applications. You don’t have to start big to take advantage of that. If you find that you’re missing opportunities in terms of sales, Dynamics 365 for Sales is a perfect starting point. This module gives you real-time sales information (even from Office 365 Outlook), open opportunities, tasks, activities, account plans, and notes, etc., regardless of location and device. These are immediately available for the entire account team, in up-to-date dashboards that can be customized as desired. This provides more focus and clout. In addition, administration takes less time, which shortens the sales cycle.

Generate leads through an optimal online customer journey.

Due to the integration with Office 365, you can link an important customer’s email to an opportunity with one click, so a colleague can follow it up. With the same ease, marketing can pass on a warm lead to sales. Sales works perfectly together with Dynamics 365 Marketing, in which marketers can map customer journeys without technical knowledge. You can label the different process steps with a value, which serves to measure the warmth of the visit. At the right time, you can transfer a lead to the sales team, allowing the status to change to prospect.

Increase customer satisfaction and connect customers with the very best customer service.

No matter how well-organised your marketing and sales activities are, without good service your business will never be successful. Because landing a customer is one thing, but keeping them is another story. Good service is essential for customer satisfaction and retention, and this requires overview. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service combines all the information about orders, complaints, questions and other customer behaviour in one system in the cloud, to which Sales and Marketing are also connected.

In Customer Service, you can see what’s going on at a glance through customizable dashboards and data visualizations. This allows you to respond more quickly to questions and complaints. Or set up a portal where customers submit or follow up their own issues or questions. In the back office, the sales department or customer service can address and handle these through a workflow.

Simplify your planning and make your service technicians your primary calling card.

Customer Service can initiate a service order which the service manager can plan in a well-organized graphic environment. The system is smart in that it makes suggestions to minimize travel time and maximize working time. The service manager can also take into account the necessary skills and tools for the job. The better these criteria match each other, the higher the ‘first time fix’ – the degree to which problems are solved at the first attempt. After resolving the issue and signing off the work order, an email with a customer satisfaction survey is automatically sent. You can use the provided insights to improve your service.

A technician can also be your best sales person, without applying ‘classic sales tactics’. On the one hand, they convey assurance and confidence to the customer by resolving issues and, based on years of expertise, they recognise what can be done smarter. On the other hand, when this kind of knowledge is added to the customer file sales can use it again to approach the customer about new possibilities. And we’ve come full circle again!

Foundation for your growth

The management and continuous optimization of your financial, logistics and industrial processes requires good business software. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a complete cloud toolbox for ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence. This enables you to optimize production, planning and operation, save costs by automating and better meet customer demand. In addition, it allows you to unlock and mobilize data for better, data-driven decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a combination of Dynamics AX and CRM, amongst others, which were previously offered separately. It’s a total cloud solution that grows along with your business and needs. You can start with just what you need and scale up or down in capacity and applications at any time. By default, the platform already offers virtually everything you need, and Pulse continuously expands the basic features with industry-specific apps.