The management and continuous optimization of your financial, logistics and industrial processes requires good business software. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a complete cloud toolbox for ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence. This enables you to optimize production, planning and operation, save costs by automating and better meet customer demand. In addition, it allows you to unlock and mobilize data for better, data-driven decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a combination of Dynamics AX and CRM, which were previously offered separately. It’s a total cloud solution that grows along with your business and needs. You can start with just what you need and scale up or down in capacity and applications at any time. By default, the platform already offers virtually everything you need, and Pulse continuously expands the basic features with industry-specific apps.


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Flexible and scalable

Investing in licenses and hardware in advance is a thing of the past. Dynamics 365 is available in a subscription form, which includes hardware and typical hardware-related items such as backups. You can cancel or change your subscription (and the number of users) on a monthly basis. This way you remain flexible, pay only for what you need and don’t have to replace hardware every couple of years.

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Available 24/7

The cloud is always on, which is useful if you have multiple production locations or sales locations in different time zones around the world. In other words, it’s very handy to be able to work 24/7, anywhere and on any device. Microsoft guarantees an uptime of 99.5 per cent, but our experience is that in reality, it’s closer to a whopping 99.95 per cent.

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No entrepreneur wants to be confronted with cybercrime. Every year, Microsoft invests heavily in the physical security of their data centres, as well as in digital security and research. A team of 3500 cybersecurity experts will do everything in their power to keep your business data safe. Moreover, you decide where your data resides; in Europe or elsewhere.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it easier for organizations to start using business intelligence. You don’t need a background in BI, data mining or data science to get value from data. Through well-organized dashboards, powerful analyses and reports on business processes, you gain insights that were unavailable before.

With Dynamics 365 Finance, you keep all your financial data and activities in the cloud. This gives you more insight into your company’s health, enables better data-driven decisions, and lets you automate time-consuming tasks to increase productivity. In addition, it gets easier to adapt quickly to changing financial and legal requirements.

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The dream of many a (manufacturing) company: one fully integrated system for the entire supply chain; from production to sales to consumers. Which would make many makeshift interfaces redundant, e.g. between production sites and different shopping systems. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management makes this possible.

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The world is transparent, customers are becoming more empowered and their expectations are getting higher. Satisfied customers are your best ambassadors, but those who are dissatisfied can also harm your business. More than ever, it is important to be close to the customer and give them personal attention. Customer Engagement supports this.

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Pulse is continuously working to expand and improve apps based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. We do this in-house, in collaboration with AXtension and several selected partner companies. In this way, we offer every client the ideal total solution.

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Always up-to-date

Chances are, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be your last (big) ERP/CRM project. Why? Due to its completeness, you remain within the system and thanks to the fact that you work in the cloud (Microsoft Azure), you always have up-to-date software. No more difficult migrations, re-deployment, or upgrades. Read about the successes we have achieved with clients.

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