AI is no longer a hype

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly making an appearance on the Dynamics 365 platform with the Insights Apps. Initially mainly in the Customer Engagement (CE) domain, but it’s also available for Dynamics 365 Finance with Finance Insights. This gives you full insight into the customer’s payment behaviour, your cash flow forecast and your budget.

It predicts when customers will pay, what your cash position is at any given time and how you are performing relative to your budget. You have access to data from Dynamics 365, can link external data sources and take external factors into account. Very valuable at a time when predictions based on historical data don’t always provide sufficient support.

The success of AI applications depends on the extent to which you manage to integrate data. Pulse helps clients translate innovative applications into their own business. Think of Machine Learning, computers that use algorithms to optimize these algorithms independently with the help of more and more data. Machine downtime because of maintenance is often inconvenient and can cause major production problems.

With Machine Learning and IoT, it is possible to prevent machine failure or downtime. By installing sensors that constantly deliver data, models can be used to determine when a machine needs preventive maintenance to prevent failure or downtime. This makes maintenance plannable which results in significant savings.