The amount of data within organizations will increase exponentially in the coming years. The role of data in remaining innovative and internationally successful is becoming increasingly important. It’s leading for the business as well as for IT design. Many companies see the usefulness of data, but don’t know how to start using its value.

Pulse specializes in integrating a variety of data sources and systems, so that everyone within an organization has access to the right information anywhere, anytime. We collect distributed data in dashboards and reports that help you make more informed choices. This allows you to innovate faster and stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.

Extract value from raw data

The role of data in remaining innovative and successful is becoming increasingly important. Power Platform makes it possible to extract value from raw data. Microsoft’s powerful application platform collects all your business data in a common data model, connects to hundreds of (existing) sources, and can even be linked to information that’s on-premises.

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Business intelligence for everyone

Power BI makes it easier for everyone within the organization to get started with business intelligence. You no longer need a background in BI, data mining or data science to get value from data. Through well-organized dashboards and powerful analyses and reports on business processes, you gain new insights that were impossible before.

Power BI in a nutshell:


Keep an eye on your finances, operations and performance and make more informed decisions based on real-time analytics.

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All in one place

Various data sources of different systems (also externally) can be linked together.

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Power BI is a self-service BI tool. To create and share reports, minimal training is required.

Universally applicable

For many data sources there’s a standard link. Think Dynamics AX, Excel, SQL database and Google Analytics.

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Empower your organization

Empower your organization with data? After attending our Power BI masterclass, your employees will be able to explore and present the data of the organization. They can create beautiful visualizations, analyse developments and discover trends to further optimize business processes. Get in touch for more information!

Mobilize your data

Do you want to seriously start working with all (historical) data that’s important for your business, but is it spread across numerous applications and systems? Business Control Tower is our BI solution on the Dynamics 365 platform that unlocks data from different sources. It includes Power BI data models that allow you to create useful (KPI) reports and gain valuable insights in no time.