Shipbuilder Centraalstaal constructs the station concourse in Arnhem

A powerful example of flexibility

The design of the new station and station concourse at the Dutch Railways station in Arnhem is very advanced. The usual construction techniques did not suffice and, for that reason the help was enlisted of a company with its roots in shipbuilding. Centraalstaal from Groningen, a Pulse customer since 2009, will play a key role in the construction and development.

Centraalstaal specialises in metal forming. The company is therefore also contracted to form 3D jigsaw pieces from large steel plates. The Dutch Railways station will be constructed from concrete and around 150 steel elements, each of which in turn consist of hundreds of parts. These steel jigsaw pieces are formed at the company’s production facility in Groningen. Transition Centraalstaal was formed in 1972; the company currently forms part of the Central Industry Group, with production facilities and branches in the Netherlands (Groningen), Germany (Bremen and Stralsund) and China (Shanghai). Centraalstaal started life as a shipbuilder but nowadays, because of the changing market, it also supplies steel structures for architectural projects throughout the world. Examples of this are the Porsche Pavilion in Wolfsburg (Germany), the Infoversum in Groningen, the bridge for the Formula 1 track in Abu Dhabi and the bus station in Munich. This transition resulted in changes to its business processes. To support these processes, in 2009 the flexible ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics AX was chosen, with Pulse as partner. The construction of this innovative project was recently mentioned on the RTL news channel. View the clip here (from 7m:35s onwards).

About Centraalstaal  Since 1972, Centraalstaal has provided integrated project and logistics services for the international shipbuilding industry. With a team of more than 150 employees, Centraalstaal has bases in Groningen and Bremen. Centraalstaal manufactures building kits for ship construction, mega-yachts, marine ships, façade construction and engineering structures. These building kits consist of thousands of pre-cut, marked and sometimes pre-formed pieces of steel and aluminium sheets and profiles. Shipyards, engineers, architects and designers from all over the world go to Centraalstaal for the building kit and project support. Full commitment and a philosophy in which the solution is of the essence played an important role in the success of Centraalstaal. Centraalstaal forms part of the Central Industry Group.