Roba Metals chooses Pulse

The independent Dutch family business Roba Metals supplies steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous semi-finished products internationally, processed or otherwise: from stock or to order. Companies can also contact Roba Metals for cradle-to-cradle recycling. The breadth of its product portfolio ensures that Roba Metals can be the preferred supplier to organisations in very diverse sectors. Roba Metals products find their way to the construction and installation sectors, technical wholesalers, automotive, machine and equipment manufacture, packaging industry, HVAC, office furniture sector and the sheet steel processing industry. Furthermore, Roba Metal supplies from various European locations. Roba Metals manages the entire chain: from purchasing and processing (own metal foundries) to sales and logistics. The company’s own Service Centres supply processed materials of the highest quality.

Roba Metals initiated a selection process, the goal being to support its business processes more efficiently and more effectively, and to integrate its financial, logistical and commercial processes. Following a thorough study, Roba Metals choose specialist Pulse with Microsoft Dynamics AX and the industry solution for companies in the metal industry. The customers of Roba Metals will benefit from the partnership with a partner that has in-depth knowledge, experience since 1937 and more than 500 passionate employees. More information about Roba Metals can be found at