Pulse with the producers of Rabobank Cijfers en Trends

Figures and Trends

Yesterday Pulse was invited to the Rabobank headquarters to meet with the sector managers and producers of Figures and Trends. Rabobank and Pulse talked about the developments and trends within the Dutch industry, construction and automotive sectors. Pulse follows the developments of the sectors that it focuses on and translates these into concrete solutions that can be applied. Pulse also uses this knowledge to improve its project methodology further still.


Dutch Manufacturing Industry

Subject of debate: the current position of the Dutch Manufacturing Industry, the investment expectations and the trends, such as smart industry and robotics. Along with Germany and Switzerland, the Netherlands is in the top 3. Based on a survey, Rabobank recently tested sentiments about the investment expectations within the sector. This revealed that replacement and expansion are the main motives behind investment. The transition to the cloud is finding its way within the sector, though with caution. For Rabobank too it is a given that ICT is the strategic tool of the future to enable market movements to be anticipated. There is also more and more specialisation and a focus on low volume, high mix and high complexity. In particular, manufacturing companies are looking for smart methods to safeguard and retain their strategic knowledge.

About Figures & Trends: an outlook on sectors within the Dutch business community

Sharing knowledge is worth its weight in gold. De Rabobank has extensive industry knowledge which it has been happily sharing with you for more than 38 years. You can apply this knowledge directly within your organisation. You will find relevant industry information: opportunities and threats, perspectives, trends, forecasts and market and background information. As the largest bank in the SME sector, Rabobank has a great deal of information that it has collated over time. Its benchmark tool enables you to compare your data with that of other companies in your sector. This gives you greater insight, online and therefore immediately, into your own performance, based on how, for example, profits, costs and also KPIs (turnover/FTE, costs/FTE) relate to those of companies in the same sector. View Rabobank Figures & Trends at www.rabobankcijfersentrends.nl

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