Project Description

“The National Insurance Contributions (Sequential Liability) Act (WKA) is a positive development which requires a solid approach”

A huge responsibility

In the construction industry especially, but equally in other sectors that frequently work with large numbers of subcontractors, the National Insurance Contributions (Sequential Liability) Act (Wet Ketenaansprakelijkheid) is an important force. And rightly so: like your supply chain partners, you want to avoid potential problems relating to payroll taxation. Make sure your WKA obligations are arranged properly from the start.

Arrange it properly

The WKA is useful and necessary, but increases your workload. The WKA solution in Pulse’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 smoothly arranges these specific payments. You can pre-set specific parameters that can be modified individually for each invoice. The payments are automatically broken down into an unfrozen and frozen ‘G account’. This negates the need for time-consuming, manual processing, which translates to massive gains particularly if high volumes are involved. Fast, accurate and free of worries.

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