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“We now have real control of our production planning and increased output with fewer resources”

Visual Planning: decisions based on accurate information

The orders are planned, except the impact those orders will have on the available resources is unclear. This wastes valuable time during the approval stage. Reliable production preparation should clearly show the expectations, identify orders in the pipeline and actual orders. You must also be able to adapt and synchronise production capacity and resources to suit the current situation. AXtension Visual Planning for production gives you insight into machine occupancy and eventual bottlenecks.

“Relieve the pressure on a ‘busy’ machine and give the planner genuine control”

Genuine control

Visual Planning for Production gives you a clear-cut insight into orders that are in the pipeline and their impact on current orders and projects. Easily create new schedules or optimise the production of specific products. A detailed schedule can quickly be generated for a critical production run. Link resources to special activities, minimise set-up times through the sequence or order priority. Relieve the pressure on a ‘busy’ machine and give the planner genuine control.


AXtension Visual Planning for Production will bring countless benefits to your company, such as an instant production overview displayed on a practical graphical scheduling board. Produce analyses of your master schedules to make well-informed decisions. Readily adapt the planning horizon to accommodate rough cut or detailed capacity planning. You will only be shown relevant information. Create new schedules as a group for resources, tasks or orders. Visual signals will help you optimise the process and the handy history of past activities, capacity and materials can be utilised for new tasks.

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