Project Description

“Vendor Management: from feeling to figures”

Can you benchmark supplier performance?

In the past, confronting suppliers with performance records was impossible; Vendor Management has changed that. You need to know the level of supplier reliability in terms of quality, delivery and price. Do they deliver on time? Do they deliver the order as a single consignment? Is the invoice correct? You generally have a good picture of satisfactory supplier performance – based on your instinct and what your experience tells you. Vendor Management is the solution that converts your instinctive feeling into objective figures.

“Our ROI was just four months”

How it works

Vendor Management is the solution that converts data into valuable information. You decide which criteria are applied to benchmark the suppliers. These assessments can be used in negotiations with suppliers to drive enhanced supplier performance together. After all, suppliers who match the criteria also contribute to the quality of your product and therefore the satisfaction of your customers. And, ultimately to the success of the company. Ranking is possible on supplier, purchase order and article level. The filter functionality allows you to easily zoom in to suppliers, sales orders and sale order rules. Not just for orders entered after the system was implemented, but for your entire order history. Start profiting from the benefits immediately!


  • Improved control over the quality of the goods delivered
  • Monitor supplier development
  • Objective delivery performance reports
  • User friendly
  • Improved delivery performance throughout the supply chain

Objective supplier benchmarking?

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