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“Healthy tools are vital”

Production Tool Management: a powerful resource

Whether tools are simple, complicated, expensive or cheap, large or small, they all need attention. Production processes fully depend on these tools. Knowing what they do, which product they make, whether they require maintenance and what they can be used for later on is valuable information. That information is obviously extremely useful when planning how machines and production lines are used, but being able to predict wear and tear and avoid down-time will give you an advantage. Production Tool Management is an important resource to keep your tools healthy.

“The tool for hassle-free tool management”

Hassle-free management

Production Tool Management focuses on intensive industries that use many specialised tools such as the injection moulding sector. However, other industry branches that use tools and machines can also benefit from the master data module. This module offers hassle-free tool management. Specific tools can be assigned to a product and cross-references can also be created. Oher features include performance monitoring and comparing production to scheduling. The activity management module links maintenance plans and eventual repairs to tools. This step can be done when production is planned. If tools are due for maintenance, you will receive an alert.

Four practical modules

  • Master data module
  • Performance monitoring
  • Activity management
  • Inspection sheets

The tool is used for injection moulding machines in the plastics industry, moulds in the aluminium industry, templates in CNC machines and for simpler devices, such as measuring equipment.

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