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Parts for petrol and diesel engines

Technical wholesalers Wilmink


Wilmink and subsidiary W.M. Techniek are technical wholesalers with branches in Groningen (NL) and Brussels (B). Both companies are official (and mostly exclusive) importers for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg for various large automotive manufacturers and brands (including Pierburg, Wahler, KS / Kolbenschmidt, TRW kleppen, Elring, Goetze, Payen, Metelli, Corteco, Fel-Pro). Wilmink and W.M.Techniek supply parts for petrol and diesel engines. Wilmink mainly supplies the Dutch market and W.M.Techniek the markets in Belgium and Luxembourg. Both companies also export throughout the world. Wilmink (founded in 1933) and W.M.Techniek (founded in 1986) supply approximately 28,000 parts directly from their own warehouses. Together, the companies have 6,700 m2 of storage space available. Wilmink and W.M.Techniek have 60 employees, five of whom are field service staff. Visit the website

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