Project Description

“A webshop, totally integrated with Dynamics AX”

Sana Commerce: the link between webshop and Dynamics AX

In the B2B segment, online sales have become indispensable. The need for comprehensive product information, effective order fulfilment and 24/7 operation demands a smart, integrated solution. Sana offers this solution with a webshop that integrates fully into your Dynamics AX system.

“The back office even uses our webshop to process orders”

How it works

Sana is a webshop that is installed within your Dynamics AX system. It retrieves all the relevant product information, such as prices, descriptions and photos from your existing ERP environment. This creates a single data source and elimiates errors caused by, for example, copying mistakes. Customer-specific agreements can also be saved in Sana, and their full order history can be consulted. In addition to functioning as a webshop, Sana also offers an ideal customer portal that makes the ordering process easier and more accurate. At installation, Pulse ensures that all your data is in the right place, so establishing a link is effortless.


  • One integrated system
  • Fast installation
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • More efficient order handling
  • Improved customer service with Sana and 24/7 availability

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