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“I want an alert and prepared sales force with an astute response at project level”

PRM: the price of project management

The price of a product has traditionally been one of the most critical aspects – and the pressure is steadily growing. Therefore, it’s no surprise – particularly as far as complex projects are concerned – that various prices for raw materials and resources are requested from suppliers. This can mean that, if you supply three different contractors, they all request a quotation for one and the same project. The project principal has also tendered the project to three different contractors. Do you handle these requests for each contractor, or is a project-based approach more sensible? As its name implies, Project Relationship Management (PRM), logically assumes a project-based approach, as this method offers significant and obvious benefits.

“Correct and accessible information, fewer errors and an overview.”

Permanent access to the latest data

In the example above, it doesn’t really matter which contractor concludes the deal, as long as it is one of the three you have sent a quotation to. As a supplier, what you are actually counting on is one quotation. You can manage all the facts, figures and data about the project centrally and can easily cope with any modifications made to the project as it progresses. PRM also offers an insight into the project phases: quotation phase or, for example, transfer. The data is displayed in groups and PRM provides clear details about stakeholders, all activities included in the project, outstanding and active quotations and information about the various tenders. You have correct and accessible information, make fewer errors and have an overview. PRM distributes this information over the entire system.


  • Groups all quotations for the same project
  • Easy access to all project-related information
  • Monitors the project phase by phase
  • Full integration with AX

A clearer overview of your project tenders?

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