Project Description

“Better product information management makes for smarter decisions”

PIM: robust information management

It sounds simple: keeping your product data up to date and importing your supplier information. However, if you fail to use the right systems and processes, things can go seriously wrong. Robust Product Information Management is crucial to making a policy based on smart decisions and informed choices. Developing and maintaining robust information management is therefore very important. The key is efficiently securing, managing and distributing the original product information throughout the organisation. If you manage this process correctly, everything will run smoothly, if not, the consequences could be potentially disastrous.

“A single version of the truth for your product master data”

A single version of the truth

To feed product information throughout the organisation and through all distribution channels, data must be combined, modified and updated centrally. This can be a challenging task as product information is often widely scattered in the form of numerous properties, hidden relationships and millions of files. As such, it is an integral part of direct and successful business contacts. Equip your organisation with a central database for all product-related data. A single version of the truth for your product master data.


The following requirements play a role in PIM applications and form the foundation of Pulse solutions:

  • Import and transformation options
  • Export of product data in various formats
    Synchronisation possibilities with other systems
  • Integration of various types of content (for example, links to images)
  • Content validation: version management
  • Localisation capabilities
  • Taxonomy support
  • User functionalities

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