Project Description

Performance Check: maximize the performance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX!

Performance Check for Dynamics 365 and AX

Performance issues with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX impact on internal and extremal business operations. You know it’s time to intervene once your employees and customers experience structural frustration.

An incorrect or inefficient design is often the root cause of performance issues. In response, Pulse has developed the Performance Check: a structured methodology to scan the efficiency of business processes and system design.

How it works

A Performance Check starts with an intake that analyses the processes with a slow performance. We make a trace of the code and the database.

This is followed by refinement that zooms into the issue areas. The findings are subsequently used to generate an action plan that is implemented in stages.

To measure is to know

We measure the time taken by various processes before and after the Performance Check to identify the precise gains made per action thanks to the Performance Check.


Performance issues often have other causes than the software alone. Pulse uses an integral approach that includes examining the infrastructuur used to operate the system. More information? Contact one of our experts.

Wilmink Dynamics AX

“Pulse solved our performance issue. We can work at a satisfactory speed and level, and focus ahead again.”

Richard Dekker – Wilmink

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