Project Description

“Of course you’d prefer a precise costing, but having control is worth a lot too”

Certain elements are inevitably invisible in every project

Projects are by definition long-term, intricate tasks involving various parties. The decision-making process takes time and often entails costly investments. A higher degree of uncertainty is inherent in projects rather than indirect transactions. Errors, inconsistent communication or unforeseen circumstances can often result in huge budget overruns. In a business landscape where margins are under pressure and raw materials are becoming scarcer, costs determine profitability and customer satisfaction. This is where AXtension Project Cost Control steps in and gives the control necessary to make managing complex projects a success.

“PCC keeps you in the driving seat, improving decision-making and the results”

Rapid and flexible response

Being able to respond and intervene in time is key to successfully controlling profitability and customer satisfaction during a project. Using a tool that provides transparency: complete, direct and real-time. AXtension Project Cost Control is that dashboard. PCC allows you to zoom into and control the project budget specifics, actuals, progress and estimates; the real facts at a glance. You can set up budgets in a separate cost breakdown structure and manage software and spreadsheets in Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can define specific costs and integrate your budgets with procurement, logistics and time registration, for example. This keeps you in the driving seat, improving decision-making and the results.


  • Effective control throughout the project
  • Manage by exception
  • One dashboard for real control
  • A single point of truth
  • Cost breakdown structures and codes
  • Early stage budgeting

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