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“I have the latest version and drawings never get mislaid on the work floor”

Microsoft SharePoint

Your company probably uses a variety of IT solutions, such as CAD software, PIM systems, photos, quality systems, certificates and manuals. You have undoubtedly already wondered how you could integrate these IT solutions and their output into one, collaborative system. Or efficiently share data externally with, for example, customers, agents or suppliers. Maybe you need a way of giving colleagues mobile access to ERP, business documents or other information, or applying effective document control with version control. A host of questions. Microsoft SharePoint can supply the answers.

Streamline business processes

We can help you with Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint is the leading web-based platform for optimal support in dealing with the challenges above. It will effect a company-wide efficiency boost and improve your team’s ability to work. Our strength is our knowledge of both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft SharePoint. We go the extra mile in applying our expertise. For example, Enterprise Content Management offers a safe ‘bridge’ between the two platforms for document control. Taking a structured approach to (unstructured) documents has never been easier.


  • Maximum use of document management functionality of SharePoint in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Linking documents to a Microsoft Dynamics AX record without needing a Dynamics AX client
  • User-friendly search function and workflow
  • Powerful document authorisation functions and document categorisation
  • Smart studio functions for business associates, products and projects

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