Project Description

“Metal balance: necessity combined with practicality”

Metal balance: agility to act

The metal industry is a fast-paced sector and that requires an equally rapid response from suppliers. You do not want to be hampered by legislation and regulations, but your accounts must be complete and correct at all times. Not only for your own benefit, but also to provide valid records to your accountant and the tax authorities. Metal balance from Pulse combines practicality with necessity in an indispensable solution for the metal sector. It provides you with a comprehensive stock balance, so you can prove that no fraudulent transactions or unaccounted for sales have taken place.

“Metal balance offers full and detailed insight into current stocks”

Detailed stock insight

Metal balance provides a complete overview of all products mutations (in tonnes) broken down into:

  • Procurement
  • Production order use
  • Production order ready signal
  • Sales
  • Write-downs such as stock discrepancies, downtime and waste

The stock value can also be broken down into price components. This enables you to see, for example, how much of the total stock value consists of steel and how much of the total stock consists of individually posted (and recorded) alloy surcharges. Based on these functionalities, BI reports can be produced easily and quickly. The price components functionality within Metal balance registers all price components of the stock and uses this to generate full and detailed insight into current stocks.


  • Current and detailed stock information
  • Reliable justification for accountants and tax authorities
  • Insight into all price components of the stock
  • Extensive BI reports

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