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Manageable IT project costs: a good way to start

Manage risks or costs?

When an ERP solution is implemented, you can only evaluate the results afterwards. Just how satisfied you are or not will generally depend on whether everything proceeded according to the indicated timeline and what it actually cost. In other words: did we complete on schedule and within budget? At Pulse this is monitored using our most important KPI: the number of projects that went live on time and within budget.

“24/7 insight into the budget and schedule”

Total overview during implementation

During the implementation of Dynamics AX, we ensure you have a total and transparent overview of how the project is progressing and the costs . We use our unique project tool TeamAX and a visual representation via a dashboard. Do you need a status update on the projected budget? Or an update on how many colleagues have already been trained to use the software? One click will reveal the specifics of the project in more detail.

AX dashboard

A clear dashboard gives 24/7 access and insight

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