Project Description

Eliminating islands

Reviewing business processes

An ERP implementation is the ideal opportunity to review all existing business processes. An implementation process often highlights just how much work is done from a variety of separate ‘islands’ within a company: the sales team works with a CRM system, finance uses an accounting system and planners still sometimes use Excel. The result is a simple customer order being processed separately several times. Error-prone, time consuming, duplicate data entry and expensive.

“The planner re-entered all the data the back office had input already …”

One integrated process

Dynamics AX is the perfect platform to align and integrate all enterprise systems and departments within a company. This results in one cohesive, integrated process where everyone uses the same information across all departments and sites. The Business Control Model, a diagram that shows all activities that take place between the supplier, your company and the customer, is used as basic principle.

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