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“I want to leverage the advantages of SharePoint in our Dynamics AX environment”

ECM: a direct path through the jungle

The word ‘tsunami’ has been widely used appropriately and inappropriately in recent years. However, the term is arguably justified in relation to the massive swell in business and management information. Photos, drawings, manuals, contracts, Office documents, notes, memorandums, reports and emails. Confidential or public, collated or uncollated, digital or physical, important or trivial, the volume continues to proliferate. All that data is used throughout your entire company at all levels. It can be easy to lose your way in that tangled jungle of information.

“Combine the advantages of SharePoint and Dynamics AX to get to grips with your documents.”

Powerful document management

Get to grips with your documents by combining the advantages of SharePoint and Dynamics AX in Enterprise Content Management by AXtension. Prune back and restrain the wild jungle of documents to create a structured data environment. In every business process, numerous documents are generated which you then save in Dynamics. But how can you guarantee that your contacts use the correct version? How is document management organised? What form of labelling is used? Which security and authorisation procedures are in place? ECM harnesses the power of SharePoint to save, categorise and combine documents, so the right people, in the right place can easily locate them at the right time.


Five outstanding, branch-independent reasons to use AXtension ECM:

  • Access to the full document management of Microsoft AX
  • Easy categorisation and identification of documents and files so the right people have quick and effective access
  • Upload and link external AX documents to AX objects
  • Create portals for internal and external parties for improved, smoother cooperation
  • Create added value through effective partnerships with one or more organisations from one central point

Get to grips with your document management?

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