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Cost savings: a question of becoming smarter

Higher revenue or lower costs?

The most commonly heard motivation for initiating an ERP process is cost savings. Ultimately, it is all about the bottom line, but saving money entails more than simply cutting costs. By improving processes and efficiency, we can create a win-win situation: lower costs and a smoother, streamlined workflow.

Top three cost savings:

  • FTE (higher productivity)
  • Lower stocks
  • Lower costs for materials

“Cutting parts for different customers from one plate means can improve the puzzle and save materials.”

Jildert Bokma, IT Manager, CIG

Savings on stock costs

Saw blade manufacturer Kinkelder embarked on an ERP process in 2009 when it opened a branch in England. During implementation, all the business processes were described and recorded and, where possible, improved. Dynamics AX not only gave Kinkelder the required central ERP system, it also generated considerable savings in terms of stock costs. Read the full Kinkelder case study here.

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