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“Now I can identify the issues, my customers can raise their expectations”

Advanced Production: perfection, on paper and in practice

A production schedule is always perfect on paper. Malfunction-free, smooth, no calamities and resource capacity is used to the full. At least, that’s the theory. However, in practice things tend to work differently. That shouldn’t necessarily be an issue, provided you can see which orders and processes deviate and the inherent costs. Welcome to the world of AXtension Advanced Production.

“The production schedule at your fingertips using the dashboard”

Detailed scheduling

Advanced Production gives you a comprehensive overview of your production capacity and the allocated time. A real-time overview of orders, costs and anomalies in the process. Filters can be applied for a more detailed view. Customer satisfaction is the priority, and the agreed delivery date is leading, that is the principle. AP is a graphical dashboard that leaves no aspect of your production process hidden. Planned and completed orders are compared with the estimated costs and original sales orders. AP is easy to operate, flexible and can be adapted to suit your individual needs. The production schedule can be easily adjusted to reflect new priorities, weighted factors and product characteristics. Priorities can be indicated automatically or manually and you will be alerted if delivery due dates cannot be met. The production schedule at your fingertips – thanks to the dashboard.


AXtension AP offers distinct advantages:

  • Increased reliability of deliveries on time
  • Time savings by focusing on exceptions
  • User-friendly tool with striking icons and colours
  • Cut costs by eliminating expensive errors.

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