Focus is essential for success. It leads to well managed projects and satisfied customers. Thanks to our focus on manufacturing, trade and service companies, we speak the language of the industry and are aware of its challenges. This allows us to support our clients so that they can focus on their core business.


Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

In mechanical engineering, innovation, a short time-to-market, and quality are all key. Service is the new cash cow, while leasing and pay-per-use are on the rise. New technologies such as IoT and predictive maintenance integrate into project-driven processes and machines, making it possible to approach the market more with greater flexibility.

To be able to deliver at all, machine builders have to deal with the administration of hazardous work materials. Dealing with these kinds of opportunities and challenges requires business software that centralizes the most important functionalities and facilitates activities such as predictive maintenance. We take care of the implementation to make sure our partners become leaders in engineering, production, installation and field service.


A shortage of houses is a significant problem, which means that the construction industry has to catch up considerably in the coming years. At the same time, the industry must comply with the Climate Agreement and deal with the shift from project construction to (series) production of houses.

Sustainability, cost control, circular construction, and the reduction of failure costs are all becoming increasingly important. Pulse knows your business challenges and can build a solid foundation to enable you to take control of your entire business process– from work administration, calculation, production and project planning to delivery schedules, cost monitoring and invoicing.

Wholesale and distribution

Whether or not the economy is booming, wholesalers must constantly be on the top of their game. They have to deal with challenges associated with chain integration, omnichannel, e-commerce, warehouse management, and service (customer intimacy), to name a few. To be able to operate sustainably in the long term, they must also focus on perfecting logistics services and setting up business processes more efficiently (operational excellence).

Pulse helps wholesalers and distributors to become future-proof. We improve logistics processes so that deliveries can be made faster and more reliably at the right prices (dynamic pricing). With smart templates for shipping documents, for example, we make it possible to save on the costs of both domestic and international delivery.

Royal Terberg Group


We understand how complex and dynamic the automotive industry can be – complex, due to a large number of economic, legal and environmental interfaces and dynamic, because automotive is the ideal testing ground for innovation and new technology.

This industry requires a firm hand when it comes to organizing, producing and innovating. There is a need for grip on the chain and planning to prevent possible claims. To this end, we have all kinds of smart solutions around contract management, lean manufacturing, well-thought-out forecasting, Electronic Data Interchange, call-off contracts and schedules with consistent tracking and tracing.


Intense competition, changing customer demand and a shortage of technical staff are just some of the challenges facing the metal industry. Metal companies need resilience and robustness to remain agile. They require well-organized production processes and need to think about aspects such as demand forecasting, lean planning, and inventory management. We help companies set up a clear digital strategy and an ICT platform that allows them to streamline and automate business processes and workflows.

Chemistry and plastics

The chemical and plastics industries are in a state of flux. The use of plastics is increasing, as is the importance of internationalization, economies of scale and compliance. These industries also need to deal with stricter environmental legislation, quality aspects and a focus on sustainability. Customers demand green and recyclable products. The emergence of ‘available to promise’ means that a small portion of the goods produced is kept in stock. Sales are made based on forecasting (push) or figures from the past (pull).

These industries need to focus on data, innovation and process optimisation to meet quality requirements. Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies operations and customer engagement on a cloud-based platform to provide businesses with more accurate data more quickly. We support clients to harness the power of the platform so that they can take advantage of opportunities offered by robotization, machine learning and IoT.