MRP advice

In the many processes that I have gone through, very occasionally there is a company that asks for far-reaching functionality in respect of MRP. I could write bookshelves full of books about MRP and actually think that many books have already been written, but what is really important? What is the question behind the question? In most cases, I notice that MRP is seen as the promised land. The comment or idea “if you set up MRP properly, all of your problems will disappear like snow in the sunshine” is not out of place here. At the end of the day, during the ERP production presentation, you notice that MRP is the idea of an individual in the room but you’ve lost the rest of them after a few uses of typical MRP terminology. You wrestle your way through all requirements outlined in the business case, but nobody becomes particularly enthusiastic. Is MRP actually so complicated? Who is responsible for MRP? It’s probably surprising, but the results of MRP are intended for everyone! The buyer, the planner, the person in the warehouse all receive recommendations. Sales will receive ATP information, forecast information, etc., etc. In some cases, a company has a Supply Chain Planning department. In these companies, you will see that MRP does establish itself and that this department feels responsible for it, but not every company has this luxury. Nevertheless, it is important that MRP is implemented correctly. I will explain why. By including MRP teachings, you are able to increase customer satisfaction. Technically a lot is possible with MRP, but the question is whether the customer is able to absorb this and to integrate it into its everyday activities. Wouldn’t it be more sensible to deal with this pragmatically, instead of utilising all parameters? Ultimately, you want to continue to oversee where the recommendations are generated, don’t you?

I frequently come across MRP establishments where the key user gets to the bottom of every MRP recommendation, because they don’t have confidence in the outcomes. Aside from the fact that you are missing the point, this is a very (unnecessary) time-consuming activity. MRP is not a technical matter! Yes, you could have an impact on a large number of parameters and imitate the most complex simulation scenarios, but in my view, healthy pragmatism is needed. What is your experience?