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Future proof in the metal branch

In order to cope with rapid change, companies must be resilient and robust. But adaptability and agility are also vital to capitalise on new opportunities. In today’s business landscape, flexibility (shrinking and expanding) is a strategic choice and fundamental to new business models.

The initial task of the Pulse metal team is helping companies in the metal sector formulate a coherent digital vision and strategy. Our specialists subsequently implement and manage a flexible and innovative IT platform equipped to handle future challenges. This facilitates further growth toward digital maturity and maximises the scope to leverage ‘Make Money’ opportunities within the organisation.

Dynamics 365 solutions for the following metal segments:

Dynamics 365

Flat products


Special metals

Benefit from more than 30 years of industry experience

As an ERP partner in the metal branch, we help metal companies improve their business processes. We also develop and implement intelligent software designed to support these processes. Many challenges facing the branch have been resolved using the Pulse Metal solution: delivering you the immediate benefits of the combined best practices Pulse has built up over the past 30 years.

Jos van Capelleveen
Branch manager Metal

The Pulse metal team

As the ‘captain’ of the metal team at Pulse, Jos van Capelleveen optimally utilises his wealth of experience in the metal sector and his IT expertise. He is supported by diverse specialists with a background in metal or a specialism in a particular field of application. This exceptional combination of metal and technical skill makes Pulse the preferred IT partner for many companies in the metal industry.

Ivo Knikkink
Functional Consultant

Ron Verhoeven
BI Consultant

Ralph Bos
Logistics Consultant

Alexander Pullens
Finance Consultant

Jack van Mulken
Functional Consultant

Richard de Hond
Consultant Centre of Excellence

Geert van Raaij

Jack van Heel
Solutions Consultant

Jeroen Kanters
Functional Consultant

Dennis Verstappen
Functional Consultant

Alex Veen
Business Development

Solutions for the metal branch:

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