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The euro is buoyant and our export markets are starting to show strong signs of recovery. This creates an ideal climate for success and profit – but there is no time for complacency. Integrating new technology into processes and machines ensures the sector can operate within the market with a flexible and modular approach. Prepared to offer complex bespoke solutions, contribute to the development process and supply high quality on a small scale. A migration from production to development is taking place. Fresh market concepts are emerging: resource management, leasing and pay-per-use. To participate successfully in this market, you must offer IQ in addition to strategic thinking and customer-focused efficiency. And you need a highly organised structure with very short lines of communication that develops custom-solutions based on existing standards. Another increasingly key factor is Additive Manufacturing (AM, or 3D printing).

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The drive for innovation focuses on the following developments

Closely monitoring movement in the market and the economic climate is essential in the machine and equipment construction industry. Organisations capable of rapidly changing course, adapting and integrating have a clear competitive edge. The following technological developments should be considered.

Service & Leasing, security before procurement

Customers hardly ever make major investments any longer. Today the argument is more likely to be lease or buy – taking into account the problem-free lifecycle of machines and the costs involved. Continuity and service are becoming more important than actual ownership.

Pay-per-use, the essence

Pay-per-use is a new economic pricing model. For instance, rather than paying for a bulb, you pay for the resource – in this case light. Instead of a boiler, you buy heat. It is a sustainable and interesting concept that is gaining in popularity.

RMA processes, new rules for new times

The old adage that the customer is always right has never been truer. Today’s customers expect you to supply spare parts for your products for even longer. In fact even beyond the machine’s lifecycle.

Accurate quotations and subsequent costing

Accurate quotations and subsequent costing are becoming more crucial as the complexity of machines and equipment increases and parts list structures become more layered.

Tracking & tracing for legal certainty

The importance of tracking & tracing is growing due to the wider legal implications if anything goes wrong with a machine or a part. In the event of a problem, being able to trace the origin of the machine or part is essential. Which motors have been installed in which machines? Have valid CE markings been affixed to the product?

Engineering Change Management (ECM)

Parts will obviously sometimes have to be replaced in machines and equipment. It is crucial that you are aware how this impacts on other equipment and machines. ECM is your infallible guide to machines and equipment.

Improved mobile business processes

Installers and service engineers must be able to work easily and accurately on the move; time keeping, signing order sheets and so on. This improves the quality of work and employee satisfaction.

Production planning, the entire spectrum

Whether the production process is flow production, line production or lean manufacturing, AX supports the entire spectrum of production types.

Lean manufacturing, knowledge is eliminating waste

The more knowledge you have of a process, the more familiar you are with the pitfalls. And, the better you manage all coordinates, the more economically you perform the work – leading to maximum cost-effectiveness and smooth operation.

Knowledge management, share what you know

Development processes continue to grow in complexity. An essential element of your success is sharing knowledge, particularly in a complex environment or with joint engineering projects.

Sourcing, multisourcing, risk spreading

Reducing risks to an acceptable level is the focus of many developments in the industry. One example is spreading work over multiple suppliers.

Forecasting, the ultimate schedule

In modular construction, you are guided by the ‘rate’ of the Original Equipment Manufacturer. In essence this means your customer dictates how and when you have to deliver.

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