Inashco chooses Pulse to enable international growth

Keep pace with rapid market developments with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Inashco is young, successful and unique. Inashco (Incinerator Ash Company) was founded in 2008 to offer a unique bottom ash recycling service for the waste combustion industry. Worldwide, this is a unique and patented concept. Inashco sets the bar high. The Rotterdam-based company aims to become a world player within the foreseeable future, with the current focus being on the European and American markets. For this reason, Inashco decided to invest in an internationally-oriented ERP solution. With Pulse as implementation partner, Inashco is now embarking on the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Inashco offers breakthrough technology for processors of the bottom ash that remains behind after household waste has been incinerated at waste energy power stations. “Inashco focuses on improved recovery of non-ferrous metals, with the added benefit that the improved mineral fraction composition is suitable for construction materials. The metals that are recovered are traded on the world market by our parent company, Fondel. Our technology contributes substantially towards improving the green footprint of waste energy power stations”, says Jan Tieleman, Controller at Inashco. We have international growth ambitions and in order to achieve these we need to streamline all information and processes, including administration, logistics as well as HR and maintenance”, says Tieleman. These ambitions resulted in Inashco contacting Pulse. Tieleman: “Working with Pulse has been enjoyable from the start. Their extensive experience of working with similar companies means that the people at Pulse understand our processes.” According to Tieleman there has been such strong growth that it was not just a case of wanting to streamline the processes, it had become essential. “The market is developing rapidly. We therefore have to grow in order to continue to meet the market demand. To give you an idea of how fast we are growing, Inashco currently employs 45 people and we have 20 vacancies.” Inashco has already established itself in several countries, but there is more to come. The international character of Microsoft Dynamics AX will provide a major contribution towards this. The new ERP system will also ensure that in addition to all information being available in a timely manner in the future, the correct information will also be available within all disciplines.

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About Inashco Inashco was founded in 2008 to offer a unique bottom ash recycling service for the waste combustion industry. As a subsidiary of the Fondel Group, a global player in the metal and metal trading sector, it offers breakthrough technology that allows large volumes of aluminium and other non-ferrous metals (lead, copper and zinc) to be recovered from the bottom ash of incinerators. Normal technology focused on separating large pieces of iron such as wheel rims, bicycle frames, knives, forks and spoons that remain in the ash. The fine metals were left behind. The Inashco technology also allows these metals to be recovered, with the added benefit that the residual minerals are now freed from contaminating metals to such an extent that they can be used as an alternative raw material in the concrete products industry. Inashco has developed this recycling technology in collaboration with TU Delft. Inashco has offices in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. The head office is located in Rotterdam. Further information can be found at