Why should I upgrade to the cloud? There are many reasons to upgrade, and more and more companies are making the switch. Currently, 78% of companies with 250+ employees work in the cloud, and that number is rising rapidly. And with good reason, because the cloud makes them more flexible, scalable and productive.

Do you still process data in stand-alone systems and applications? The cloud allows you to bridge these data silos, giving you valuable insights and the opportunity to monitor your company’s health using customizable dashboards. Use the data from sensors to predict when machines need maintenance and provide customers with more precise delivery dates.

The cloud also gives everyone from your organization access to company applications and data, regardless of their location or device. Because Microsoft invests heavily in its infrastructure and security, you benefit from maximum uptime (99.5%) and safe, and GDPR compliant systems. Finally, the cloud is flexible and scalable. You only pay for the cloud services you use, and you can scale up and reduce storage, capacity and computing power as needed. This way, you can handle peak load and save costs when you make less use of certain services.