What is the Internet of Things (IoT) and what does it do?

IoT is the abbreviation for the Internet of Things: any device or ‘thing’ connected to the internet. By applying IoT, you gain insight into bottlenecks that hinder the production process, and you can adjust and standardize production lines based on data. Furthermore, IoT enables you to monitor your machines’ operation remotely and carry out preventive maintenance. The fact that all kinds of data sources are connected provides interesting insights, which can improve efficiency and reduce your use of resources.

Industry 4.0 revolves around the ‘smart’ factory, and IoT plays an essential role in this. Physical products are connected to the internet and communicate with underlying systems, ensuring far-reaching automation, better communication, more transparency and real-time information. Thanks to IoT, you know which spare parts are useful to have in stock and are aware of environmental factors that influence your production performance.