Did you know that most IT projects aren’t just about software, but also about future-proofing the organization? Especially in these times, you need to adapt quickly to your markets’ and customers’ demands. We support customers in their digital transformation and develop smart solutions for today’s challenges.

We ensure a match between your business processes, software and ambitions. With our proven Sure Step Focus methodology and personal approach, every IT project becomes a success. Read more about our way of working and success stories.

Our way of working

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Our consultants employ the Sure Step Focus methodology. This directive scrum approach combines the strengths of several standard (Microsoft) implementation methods. It allows us to speed up processes, reduce risks and deliver better quality. Because every project is divided into sprints, we’re able to make adjustments easily.

Collaboration and teamwork are the keys to a successful IT project. Our project teams consist of a product owner, scrum master and key users from your organization, complemented by (managing) consultants from Pulse. Our experts bring extensive knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and have experience implementing business software in your industry. They work together closely with key stakeholders from your organization to achieve the best results, while also taking international cultural aspects into account.

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Next to the project team, there’s a steering committee that monitors project progress and provides feedback on interim project results. Its members identify possible risks and solve problems to ensure the project stays within the budget and scope.

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We focus on delivering the best results based on clear objectives and realistic deadlines. We work in small teams where work is subdivided into sprints. Flexibility in dealing with change (agile mindset) is an important aspect of our approach.

European tyre specialist Heuver chose Pulse because of our proactive attitude, project approach and cultural fit. After the upgrade to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Heuver can better meet customer demand. Kasper Olimulder (operations manager) and Marjolein Kerkdijk-Dangremond (project manager) share their experiences on the Sure Step Focus methodology and the go-live with Pulse.

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Change management

When implementing new business software, the human side of things shouldn’t be forgotten. If you want to implement change successfully, you need to inform and involve people to get their full support. Without a sound change strategy, adoption will lag behind. That is why, during every IT project, we pay a lot of attention to change management.

Focus on quality

Our business is all about sustainability and customer satisfaction. That’s why we focus on quality and productivity, instead of on billable hours. We strive to deliver the best possible product to ensure a smooth go-live and fewer fixes afterwards. That way, you’re able to hit the ground running, and the change adds value right away.