Enterprise Resource Planning software enables you to optimally support business processes (or its components) so you can run your business more efficiently and flexibly. In principle, ERP software offers added value in every industry and for every type of organisation: from production to trade, and from SMEs to large companies. But how do you find an ERP package that fits your company and ambitions? And a partner who helps you implement and exploit its full potential?

In our view, a modern ERP system should at least meet a number of basic conditions. First and foremost, it should be a good fit with the existing business processes and integrate with (cloud) applications that the organization uses or wants to use. Preferably, it should be scalable and continuously developed so that it allows you to respond to market developments. If you want to tap into new markets in the future, you obviously don’t want to be limited by your ERP package.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a combination of Dynamics AX and CRM, which were previously offered separately. This is a comprehensive solution for ERP, CRM (Customer engagement) and Business Intelligence (Power BI) in the cloud, which grows with your business and needs. This means you can start with just what you need, and scale up or down in capacity and applications at any time. By default, the platform already offers virtually everything you need, and Pulse continuously expands the extensive basic features with industry-specific solutions.

Benefits of an ERP system in the cloud

There are several reasons why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an interesting ERP system to consider for both small and large enterprises in a variety of industries. Here are some of the benefits.

erp flexibel

Flexible and scalable

The advantage of a modern ERP system like Dynamics 365 is that advance investing in licenses and hardware is a thing of the past. Dynamics 365 is available in subscription form, which includes hardware and related items such as backups. It is possible to cancel monthly or adjust the subscription (and the number of users). This way you stay flexible, pay only for what you need and you don’t have to renew hardware every year.

erp 24/7

24/7 available

The cloud is never off, which is useful if you have multiple production locations or sales locations in different time zones around the world. Then it is very convenient to be able to work 24/7 and anywhere on any (mobile) device. Microsoft guarantees an uptime of 99.5 percent, but our experience is that availability in practice is 99.95 percent. Something that is virtually impossible to achieve with local servers.

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A team of 3,500 cybersecurity experts is constantly working on the security of your data in the cloud, and Microsoft invests over a billion dollars a year in it. This physical and digital security involves various layers: from infrastructure and operational systems to applications and data exchange. Moreover, you decide where your data is kept: in Europe or elsewhere.

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Dynamics 365 makes it easier for everyone within the organization to get started with business intelligence. You no longer need a background in BI, data mining or data science to get value from data. Through clear dashboards and powerful analyses and reports on business processes, you arrive at new insights that were not possible before.

Reasons to renew an ERP system

There are several reasons to renew an ERP package. For example, because it’s no longer aligned with the daily work and impedes the development of the company. It may not be further developed or integrates badly with other business processes. This has a negative effect on your growth ambitions and can threaten your competitiveness.

A (re)implementation is a major activity that you don’t deal with on a regular basis. A good partner is a necessity. It goes without saying that our consultants have in-depth knowledge of ERP and can perfectly advise clients on its application in their industry. In addition, they know the market: they work with companies in construction, metal and automotive on a daily basis. They get to look behind the scenes everywhere, which allows them to discover market trends faster. Think of the shift from preventive to predictive maintenance.

The advice of a consultant can also be technical or process-related. It may be worth using a service bus for an interface. Or to move tasks from Department A to Department B in order to be more proactive. The consultant also adds value with these types of practical optimizations – which are not necessarily related to business software.

Including after an ERP implementation. Because even though Dynamics 365 is scalable and always up-to-date, when your needs or the market changes, you need to optimize support processes and thus your software. This can lead to significant expansions of your systems, in which case it is nice to have a sparring partner. Consultants are of course always aware of new and changed functionalities in the software.

Why Pulse?

As an innovative business partner, Pulse makes companies in the (manufacturing) industry future-proof, using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. We support customers in their digital transformation and come up with smart solutions to today’s challenges.

We do this with 200+ passionate people from our offices in Venlo and Deventer. Our people are driven, have knowledge and value personal contact. And because they come from the same industries as our customers, they understand the challenges involved.

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Royal Terberg Group

Our industries

Thanks to our focus on manufacturing, trading and service companies, we speak the language of the industry and know exactly what is going on. Think of challenges in terms of sustainability, cost monitoring and chain integration.

We know the complexity of the branches and follow market trends closely, enabling us to optimally support our partners. This allows them to fully focus on their core activities.

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