CRM Partners Group launches new strategy and becomes Fellowmind

Fellowmind accelerates growth ambitions and strengthens position in Europe

Barneveld, 12 February 2019 – Today, CRM Partners Group launches a new strategy and continues as Fellowmind. This new international parent company leads customers on their journey into digital transformation. Customers gain access to the full service portfolio of the Microsoft Business Applications platform and change management services. Fellowmind is able to transform the businesses of global customers through its international presence and operations.

“We’ve noticed the increasing need of customers for a more integrated approach to their digital transformation”, says Emiel Putman, CEO and founder of Fellowmind. “Thanks to our growth over the last couple of years, we now have extensive expertise of front- and back-office processes to safeguard successful business transformations for our customers. This continued expansion of our service portfolio has eclipsed the brand name ‘CRM Partners Group’. With the launch of Fellowmind, we create a powerful organization with ‘boutique companies’ consisting of domain-specific knowledge and expertise. Together they ensure that people enjoy working with technology and that technology works for them.”

People at heart
Fellowmind sees technology as the enabler of better human connections, and human connections at the core of a digital future. First, this is about making digital interactions feel more human, intuitive, and more personal. Second, thanks to automation, people spend less time working on repetitive and manual tasks. Technology creates time and space for people to have more valuable and meaningful connections. For Fellowmind, this means its role is changing. From a technology provider implementing IT systems, into a company taking organizations along the journey of digital transformation.


Growth strategy
Fellowmind is the new parent company of the Dutch entities CRM Partners, Pulse and AXtension, the German CRM Partners AG and the Swedish company Endeavor. Together, these companies have 450 employees across eight offices in three European countries. The strategic vision is to deploy a balanced portfolio of Microsoft technologies over the next five years, supported by a multinational workforce of 1,500. Fellowmind is continuing European expansion with a buy-and-build strategy. The new proposition and brand name is supported by a new visual identity and tagline. All current brands under Fellowmind retain their autonomy, brand and identity.