In control with Operations for Construction

Building on new foundations

The economic downturn seriously affected and changed the face of the construction market. Efficiency, cooperation and closely following market trends are the issues facing the industry today. Sustainability has become an indisputable necessity across all segments and is perfectly illustrated by mainly inner city office space being converted into specific living space. In this respect too, the customer’s needs are leading – across the demographic spectrum.

The future ahead

The various stakeholders and chain partners have a mutual dependency when it comes to expanding new construction concepts and embracing innovation. Supply Chain Management and Building Information Modelling are the roads leading to the future ahead. Energy savings, reducing failure costs and an ability to deliver bespoke solutions are challenges that will benefit the market. The construction industry of tomorrow can be summed up as smart, innovative and pioneering.


Success is automatic: nine facts

Checks and double-checks are decisive tools in the construction industry. Quotations, calculations, planning, logistics, dimensioning and project costs all need to be accurate – for on-site and off-site work. Financial and quality improvements can be made in all these areas.

Work administration

An invitation to tender is sent to various contractors who then often decide on one supplier. As the offeror you would rather monitor the work, as opposed to the contractors. Your focus is the ‘customer behind the customer’.

Intelligent quotation calculation

A product configurator that assists with the calculation using a set of clear questions. The result is a complete, itemised quotation.

Information mobility

The ability to access all the information you need on the go. Mobile, 24/7 access to data that avoids any unpleasant surprises and keeps you alert and ready to intervene and take corrective action.

Flawless logistics

Closely monitoring the logistics of a project ensures you can make flawless deliveries. On time and stacked in the correct order.

Responsible production scheduling

Project scheduling serves as your guide in helping you understand your exact position in the supply chain as a producing supplier.

BIM, Building Information Modelling

BIM is a fundamental, standard resource in the industry, and an extremely reliable partner throughout the entire construction process. The model provides an overview of the functional specifications of all project participants and ensures the same information is shared by all.

Customisation in all units

In the construction industry, dimensions are referred to in a diversity of units: linear metres, square metres, cubic metres and kilograms for example. To prevent vital information being lost in translation, it’s sensible to consistently use the right measurement units in your communication.

Project cost control with perspective

The most important project costs are the future costs. Do you still have sufficient control to assess the performance so far? Are the costs still in line with the baseline estimate? With tight margins, close scrutiny is essential.

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