Data is everywhere, and it powers everything we do. In the next couple of years, the amount of data within organizations will continue to increase exponentially, as more machines and systems become connected and start to communicate with each other. Businesses that can gain insights from data to make strategic decisions are more productive and efficient than their competitors. Getting a grip on data, however, can prove difficult.

Most companies sit on mountains of data scattered across various systems and applications, making analysis and reporting difficult. As a result, they miss sales opportunities, and have mediocre customer service as well as high maintenance costs. By unlocking and mobilizing data from various sources, we help companies become data-driven and future-proof. That way, they have an answer to all of today’s challenges.

Mobilize your data

Many of today’s organizations struggle to mobilize their data in the interests of their enterprise. Is your data spread across numerous applications and systems? Our BI solution Business Control Tower for Dynamics 365 operates by unlocking data from various sources. It contains Power BI models to create (KPI) reports and offer valuable insights quickly.

Machine learning and AI

Pulse supports customers to incorporate innovative applications into their businesses. Predictive maintenance uses machine learning to learn from historical data and uses live data to analyze failure patterns. Since conservative procedures result in resource wastage, predictive maintenance using machine learning looks for optimum resource utilization and predicting failure before they happen.

Another form of disruptive technology that adds value to your business is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through AI, systems can analyze data, understand speech, communicate naturally and make predictions using data. AI is already transforming manufacturing in many ways. Manufacturers collect vast amounts of data related to operations, processes, and other matters. When combined with advanced analytics, AI provides valuable insights that help improve the business. Data can be used to benefit multiple manufacturing processes, including supply chain management, risk management, predicting sales volumes, product quality maintenance, and predicting recall issues.