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PULSE PRIVACY AND COOKIE POLICY (Last updated May 28, 2018) Pulse Business Solutions bv is dedicated to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of information entrusted to it. As part of this fundamental obligation, Pulse is committed to the appropriate protection and use of personal information (sometimes referred to as "personally identifiable information" or "PII") that has been

Ultimaker grote winnaar bij FD Gazellen-finale

Ultimaker is voorbeeldbedrijf in Nederland Ultimaker grote winnaar bij FD Gazellen-finale Dinsdagavond zijn de 100 snelste groeiers van Nederland bekendgemaakt tijdens de finale van de FD Gazellen Awards 2016 in de Hermitage in Amsterdam. De grote winnaar van de avond was Ultimaker, die de Oryx-prijs in ontvangst

Software on a subscription basis … useful?

Software on a subscription basis ... useful? You may be able to remember that, in the past, you had to make an annual payment for certain insurances or taxes. For many that was a horrible month; the money had already left your account before your wages arrived and this

CRM in ERP? Or interface a dedicated system?

CRM in ERP? Or interface a dedicated system? “Will we use CRM functionality in ERP or will we buy a separate CRM system?” This is a question that has been asked for a long time in the manufacturing industry. Particularly with the emergence of complete ERP packages, this remains

Customer Relationship Management is customer intimacy?!

CRM is customer intimacy?! “We want to increase our customer satisfaction and we are going to buy a CRM system for that." For anyone who doesn't know what a CRM system is (in full, Customer Relationship Management), here is a short explanation. Back to the example: “We are going

Progress monitoring … so 2000!

Progress monitoring ... so 2000! What my days were like in the year 2000: At around eight o'clock, the day starts with a cup of coffee. My desktop starts up with Windows 98 SE, after which I start up my ERP application. To see how things are going, I

Automate the planner?!

Automate the planner?! Aside from the fact that I was a production planner for many years, in my consultancy career I have also spoken to many planners, or people who think that they know what a planner wants. That latter category is actually the most difficult. These people believe

We deliver on time, don’t we?

We deliver on time, don't we? "Mr Berends, I'm not really happy about your company's delivery performance. Repeatedly, orders arrive too late, or are sent out in partial deliveries." My goodness! That isn't what you want to hear as an account manager. Customer satisfaction is of prime importance, yet

Let your clock do your work

Let your clock do your work Friday afternoon ... end of the day. The week is almost over and it's time to sort out the timesheets. Just finish the lists and then these can be handed in. Hopefully I am at 100% this week, because ultimately that's my goal. For

MRP advice

MRP advice In the many processes that I have gone through, very occasionally there is a company that asks for far-reaching functionality in respect of MRP. I could write bookshelves full of books about MRP and actually think that many books have already been written, but what is really