Heuver is one of the top Tyrecenters in Europe, with more than 50 years of experience, over 300 employees and a vast range of products. The group consists of 14 Profile Tyrecenters spread across the north and east of the Netherlands and a tire wholesale business in Hardenberg.

The world of international tire import and export is changing rapidly. Clients demand a wide range of products, reasonable prices and fast service. They expect orders placed late afternoon to be delivered the next day, which requires optimal business processes and a flexible ERP system. “The logistics game has changed so much in recent years, and our old business software was not able to keep up”, says Kasper Olimulder, operations manager at Heuver. As we wanted to remain a leader in our industry, we sought a future-proof ERP system to meet customer demands and market trends better.”

“We chose Pulse because of their ERP experience, agile project approach and cultural fit. Pulse has a lot of expertise when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365, and surprised us with their proactive attitude.”

Heuver chose Pulse because of its expertise, project approach and the cultural fit

“Of course, every upgrade of business software has a significant impact on the organization. It demands a lot from your people, which is why we appreciated the support we got in the area of change management. Good preparation, the collaboration between key users and Pulse’s consultants and a solid change strategy, formed the basis for a successful go-live.”

Heuver chose the agile methodology to achieve both early and frequent value delivery in the project. “Pulse’s Sure Step Focus methodology was a perfect fit. It’s efficient and effective and enabled us to stay focused during the project. It was so successful that we decided to implement it in all our internal projects.”

Marjolein Kerkdijk-Dangremond, internal project leader, adds: “Another advantage of Sure Step Focus is that it allows our people to take ownership and be responsible for their responsibilities and tasks. In the end, that helped us to achieve the best possible result.”