BIA Beton opts for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Pulse’s knowledge of the industry

Building Supply Industry model offers basis for further growth

Beton Industrie Arts (BIA), with branches in Wijchen, Waalwijk and Mill, has opted for the Pulse Building Supply Industry model based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. BIA is a down-to earth, professional organisation with a no-nonsense approach and a feel for what the market wants. BIA sets itself apart by offering customers a high level of flexibility, plus extensive quality guarantees.

In order to distinguish itself in the market better still, BIA wanted to further streamline the logistics, financial and commercial processes within its organisation. After an extensive selection process, the functionality aspect was the reason for BIA opting for Microsoft Dynamics AX, with Pulse’s industry-specific solution for the Building Supply Industry. Harold Arts, Commercial Director: “In addition to the functional distinction, there is also a cultural click. Both BIA and Pulse have their feet firmly on the ground and have a no-nonsense culture. We believe that, with Pulse and Microsoft Dynamics AX, we are ready for new developments in the market.” Nico Tissink, Director of Pulse Business Solutions: “The similarity of the cultures greatly contributes to the anticipated success. From the very first meeting between the two organisations, there was mutual respect based on expertise.” BIA has chosen phased implementation by first initiating the core aspects of the Pulse industry-specific solution for the Building Supply Industry. This gives the company access to the extensive CRM functionality specific to the industry which can record Dutch building projects with all related contacts. This functionality allows BIA to better manage the commercial process and therefore acquire more orders. At the same time, BIA’s customers are becoming more successful, which strengthens the customer relationship further still. This approach leads to visible results in a short time, with minimum disruption for the organisation.

BIA is also planning to introduce new production functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX to the various locations, to enable the production processes to be optimised further still. Furthermore, Pulse’s industry-specific solutions allow BIA to introduce new concepts to the market and to therefore continue the current growth. Nico Tissink: “We are very happy with BIA Beton’s decision to work with Pulse. With BIA as a customer, we once again have a wonderful reference, which confirms our market leadership in the concrete sector.” About BIA Beton BIA Beton is a manufacturer of concrete bricks and blocks. Its headquarters are located in Wijchen and as well as in Wijchen, BIA also has factories in Waalwijk and in Mill. The company is able to manufacture small and large charges at the same time. The quality of BIA bricks and blocks is never in question; skilled people, a company laboratory and high quality criteria are our ingredients for products that are both literally and figuratively ‘as solid as a rock’. BIA offers its customers various options in respect of stock management and methods of delivery. BIA has 100,000 m2 of storage space, a large percentage of which is covered. Further information about BIA Beton can be found at: