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A trendsetting market, that influences everything.

The automotive industry is a complex and very interesting business sector. Complex because of the large number of economic, legal and, for example, environmental areas of overlap and interesting because the car and, in a wider sense, mobility is high on consumers’ lists of priorities. The car is a perfect living lab for innovation and new technology and entertainment, fuel and navigation are topical examples of this. In the future will we be driving cars ourselves and will we even own cars? This market introduced the ‘lean’ concept which is a sensible methodology across all segments.

automotive industry

There is potential but meticulous control is imperative.

The automotive sector is once again experiencing slight growth, but this calls for firm control of organisation, production and innovation. The following developments in automation are of relevance.

Meticulous quotations and subsequent costing

The Original Equipment Manufacturers determine the prices; these prices are constantly under pressure and therefore meticulous calculation is essential.

Consistent tracking & tracing

Tracking & tracing is useful and also needed to prevent any liability issues and legal wrangles in, for example, recalls.

Direct link to CAD/PDM

You will benefit greatly from short lines between development and the management of your product data.

Control of production machinery

Central control of your machinery with an overall picture: scheduling, working drawings, resources, planned maintenance and the customer’s preferred delivery date.

Comprehensible MES interface

Make sure you have a constant and clear understanding of the status of your production; this enables you to retain control and intervene.

Lean manufacturing, at the cutting edge

A characteristic of lean manufacturing is that it is a process in which momentum must be maintained.

Smart trade: catalogue functionality

Catalogue functionality adds a great deal of effectiveness and efficiency to your process. Using just licence plate details, dealers can choose, for example, brake pads.

Design process under control (APQP)

Infallible development protocols used for inspection, quality control and cost-effective development.

Overall scheduling

The broader your schedule, the better it works. More products, more types, more plants, more people.


Carefully planned forecasting

Provided that forecasting, with associated risks, is carefully conducted, it is a powerful instrument in your scheduling and logistics operations. Automation enables large numbers of variables to be combined and taken into account.

E-Invoicing without the rigmarole

The entire document flow digitised from order to invoice.

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